About Princesse Ecossaise & La Belle Saison

In the beginning it was simply something to do to avoid studying for university exams and other mundane 'grown-up' responsibilities. Browsing the net one day I came across Blogger and decided to start my own little online journal. I had no expectations, I didn't know if I was writing to myself or to an audience, but I continued to write nonetheless and soon was bitten by the Blogging Bug.

I played around with titles and my own nom de plume for a good few weeks before finally settling on the title of La Belle Saison and my alter-ego of Princesse Ecossaise was born.

So why La Belle Saison? Well, at the time, I was going through a period in my life when I was looking to the future. I was approaching the end of my university degree and was planning a move to France where I hoped to live with my boyfriend and get a job. I looked so forward to it and dreamed of how wonderful everything would be when I achieved these goals. I believed that I was approaching a wonderfully beautiful season in my life and wanted my blog to follow the journey I was about to set off on in order to achieve these ambitions. I was (am!) young, without too many responsibilities to hold me back, and at the time that La Belle Saison was created, I was a student; these are the best years of your life, or so they say. I wanted people to feel that my blog was an up-beat out look on life. Additionally, and quite evidently, my life revolves around France, and a special Frenchman, which is why the title of La Belle Saison is en franรงais.

And why Princesse Ecossaise? Again, I wanted my pseudonym to be in French, to indicate straight away that my writings revolved around France, or at the very least, the language. But the name really came from my French boyfriend, FP, who has called me his Princesse Ecossaise since we got together.

Although I originally wanted my blog to chronicle the adventures of student life, the difficulties and hilarities of bilingual romances and the emotional journey of becoming an expat in France, many more subjects creeped into my writings. Namely health issues; which had been something I hadn't wanted to talk about at the beginning. Nevertheless, by writing about my woes and worries about my unfortunate health situations, I found that I wasn't alone. I also found a way to laugh at my own misfortunes; disastrous hospital visits, incompetent nurses and doctors with hilarious names all helped me to see the funny side.

In less than a year, my blog has chronicled a journey. It wasn't the journey I had planned to write about, but I've seen a journey none the less. And I hope that some of my readers have followed me on that journey, and will continue to read on, as I don't suppose my life will calm down anytime soon.